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April 25, 2007

[25.4.07] Tyndall Assembly blog launched

The Tyndall Assembly blog has been launched. Check it out here

April 24, 2007

[24.4.07] Tyndall Assembly update

Thanks to the Helpmann Academy, the Tyndall Assembly concert series will proceed from June onwards with secured financial backing. This will assist in many ways - particularly in giving collaborating artists a decent performance rate and producing some professional publicity items such as posters/flyers and purchasing a web domain.

Oh, I've designed a new logo as well.

Watch this space, etc.

April 23, 2007

[23.4.07] Tpot 1 audio and analysis

Masters research update at Still and Moving Lines, click here to read.

April 19, 2007

[19.4.07] Research update [link]

I have finally posted something regarding my post grad research on the Still and Moving Lines blog. Click here to digest.

April 16, 2007

[16.4.07] Raoul Valentine makes a strange appearance

On friday night I attended a Helpmann Academy function at a multi-millionaire's mansion in the wealthy suburb of Springfield. Though I was there as a member of the Foundation Board, I was asked as a favour to perform as a roaming troubadour for an hour or so. OK. I was happy to oblige and strut my stuff, but god it was weird...roving from one room to another singing to society's elite.

Here's a list of the songs I performed, some were repeated.

Temptation (Tom Waits)
Dedicated (original)
Helium Reprise (Tom Waits/Tin Hat Trio)
Valentine's Day (orginal)
Quattro (Calexico)
Losing Heart (original)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Bob Dylan)

April 14, 2007

[14.4.07] The Meningie EP > Listen at MySpace

Whilst I was in Meningie with some friends last week, I decided to record a few tracks on Seb's laptop when I had the place to myself one night. They were recorded in five hours, mostly first takes with a bit of overdubbing and processing here and there. The tracks themselves are no technological feat (also my playing is at times hampered by the wonders of wine), but I felt they warranted some form of release. That is, a limited release for the time being. Three tracks: "Stopframe", "Artist and Muse" and "Dedicated" made the cut. So here they are for your listening pleasure at my MySpace page - enjoy!

Once I can find a reliable server, I'll post the tracks for download. (stay posted..)


April 04, 2007

[4.4.07] Tyndall Assembly 2007 Series

The Tyndall Assembly will be back for another year with a season running from June to September.

In 2006, the Tyndall Assembly was a highly successful concert series held at Luke Altmann's Gallery Delacatessen, which gave local artists the opportunity to perform their works at a regular forum, where audiences were treated to a wide variety of experimental and electronic music. A total of nine concerts were staged between March to August, featuring performances by Hidden Village, Alex Mitchell, Christian Haines, Andrew Georg, Derek Pascoe, Patrick McCartney, The Glitch Collective and myself. Historic works by John Cage, Robert Ashley, Brian Eno and Alvin Lucier were also performed.

There is a call for new works by local Adelaide artists, composers and groups:
Please send a brief synopsis of your work, including a summary and any technical requirements for the performance (including what you can supply and any additional items you may need.)
Please go to to read more about the concert series.

** Please note that the site is currently being updated, and will eventually be merged into a blog - allowing participant artists and audiences to contribute feedback and commentary.

Further updates on the 2007 concert series will posted here and on the Geocities site for the time being.

April 03, 2007

[3.4.07] EMI to can iTunes DRM

That is; Digital Rights Management. From Pitchfork, read more here.

[3.4.07] Another bloody blog...

Well, I thought it would be neccesary to provide a seperate page for posts with relevance to my Masters research topic.

I'll still post the odd Masters-centric thing here at the Soniferous Garden, but for those of you who are more obsessive types, you can get your fix at the above URL.



[2.4.07] Trianide at the Delacatessen

Hidden Village (Seb Tomczak/Lauren Sutter), Mycorrizha (Justin Phelps/Jordon Bang) and West N'Mitchell (Damien West/Alex Mitchell) performed at the Trianide concert at the Gallery Delacatessen last night. Hidden Village did their Vetrex/C64/Gameboy thang, Mycorrizha made some noise, and West N'Mitchell presented a 3D film - complete with glasses to boot... It was good all round and I managed to finish the night with a couple of wines ... bonus!

More photos at The Soniferous Amphx
Hidden Village's videos at You Tube

April 02, 2007

[2.4.07] MySpace

In the past couple of days I have done the dirty business and signed myself up for a Myspace music account. As I am having ongoing problems with putting up audio files (I will get my own domain soon!) this at least allows visitors to listen to a few streaming tracks from my singer/songwriting stuff and sound art. Enjoy, and become my friend if you like.

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