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October 25, 2007

Masters Research Paper

Yesterday I gave my Masters research paper presentation for the post graduate forum. A major milestone in terms of the research project in general it went suprisingly well, it wasn't a brilliant presentation in a few respects but it was generally well received. Next stop is the finished works and thesis due in late 2008.

I'm now nursing a mild (and well earned) hangover.

October 12, 2007

Tyndall Assembly Concert 4: wrap-up and thankyous

The final Tyndall Assembly concert for 2007 wrapped up last night and a good audience. My interstate re-mix collaboration with Jason Sweeney was played over with great performances the PA as the crowd settled into their seats, then Edward Kelly provided some sonic manipulations with a combination of live modular synthesis and resonant objects. After a brief intermission, a spirited performance of Alvin Lucier's I am sitting in a room (1970) brought the evening to fitting close as the piece essentially paid homage to the space which has been home to the Tyndall Assembly over the past four months. Special thanks to audience member Johnno for his memorable reading of I am sitting in a room. Some images are posted below and some more can be found at the Tyndall Assembly website. Unfortunately the audio set-up which was recording the concerts proceedings malfunctioned and regretfully there are no recordings available for posting.

With the series wrapped up for 2007, I would like to warmly extend thanks firstly to the sponsors and facilitators whom made the series viable: The Helpmann Academy and EMU for their funded and in-kind sponsorship and facilitator of the Gallery Delacatessen venue, Luke Altmann. Next the 2007 Tyndall Assembly artists: Sanad, Mychorizza (Jordon Bang, Justin Phelps), Seb Tomczak, Luke Harrald, Derek Pascoe, Hidden Village (Lauren Sutter, Seb Tomczak), Vinny Bhagat, Kym Glyus, Poppi Doser, Darren Curtis, Al Steven, Milkcrate, Edward Kelly, Jason Sweeney and Johnno. Finally, thanks to the audiences and media for their kind patronage and warm reception throughout the series.

This series has been great success for me as a curator and artist as it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to host an eclectic range of local talent and meet some new faces along the way. Additionally, the excellent attendance and reception of the 2007 series has been bolstered by some great exposure through local and interstate media. The fundamental goal of the Tyndall Assembly has been to provide local artists with an opportunity to present their works at a regular forum, whilst developing and strengthening ties between fellow artists, audiences and the broader arts community in Adelaide. I am pleased to confirm that there will be another series in 2008, and I look forward to hosting the Tyndall Assembly once again in the new year.

Tyndall Assembly: JJJ JArts Crew: Audio interview

The audio version of the recent article on JJJ's J Arts Crew has been posted on The Program website (external link.) Scroll to the foot of the page to find it.

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