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June 30, 2007

Tyndall Assembly Concert 1 - 28.06.07

The first Tyndall Assembly concert of 2007 kicked off on a freezing Thursday night with a good crowd and warm reception. Sanad and Mycorrihza performed some real-time electronic music, whilst myself and Seb Tomczak performed a new work of mine for rocks and digital delay (Sketches for Akio Suzuki.) Audio clips of the performances can be downloaded at the foot of this post.

The second Tyndall Assembly concert will be held on Thursday 26th July with Luke Harrald and Derek Pascoe, Hidden Village and Vinny Bhagat.

For more images and audio downloads go to the Tyndall Assembly blog:

June 27, 2007

Tyndall Assembly Concert 1: one day to go

For those of you who have been checking out the Tyndall Assembly blog, you (should) know that the first concert is tomorrow night (28/6). It's promising to be a good night with Sanad (ambient soundtracks), Mycorrihza (audio/visual noise theatre) and myself and Seb Tomczak (acoustic explorations) performing.

Venue: Gallery Delacatessen (9 Anster St. Adelaide)
Doors open: 8.45pm, show starts: 9.00pm

Audio/images to be posted following concert

June 25, 2007

Further blog updates

The Masters research blog Still and Moving Lines has been updated a little.

June 24, 2007

Blogs/sites updated

Since returning from NSW yesterday, I've housed myself in the Uni to update some blogs and get some general housekeeping done. This is part to do with the fact my computer's bung, and thus no net connection apart from tin cans and string.

Updates are:

The Soniferous Amphx:
photos from vacation.
Tyndall Assembly: Helpmann Academy press release posted in prep for Concert 1 this week.
Flickr: more photos from vacation.
Don't Mention The Garlic Crusher: a stolen minestrone.

Some more updates on this and other blogs/sites will follow soon.

June 20, 2007

Still on 'vacation' - blanket hiatus imposed

There's a current hiatus put on all blogging at the moment (this includes MySpace and the sister sites) as I'm currently vacationing in Lismore, NSW. I'm too distracted by everything to post anything comprehensive, so that will have to wait until I return over the weekend. It's been nice so far, though I forgot to pack my stereo mic - so no much vaunted field recordings...D'OH!

June 13, 2007

More studio news, mini-album soon

Another brief recording session today to round out some additional parts. "Nesting" is just about in the can, and Lauren's melodica part on "Broken Piano" is great. Seb will be playing Gameboy on "Tragic" (that's not as esoteric as it sounds) whilst Lauren will be bringing in her violin. Following this, I believe there will be a fair bit of post-production over the next coupe of weeks, maybe adding an additional part here and there and general mixing. Following on from this, there's a couple of other songs I'd like to record to flesh out a mini album of sorts. These songs are "Barbed Wire Starling" and "Burial at Sea". I expect to record these at home and keep the arrangements relatively sparse. I'm thinking of also adding some relatively unconvential elements to the finished product, but for the moment I'll keep that to myself. All in all I hope everything will be done by next month, and the mini album will be available for download.

I'll post some pictures soon.

June 12, 2007

In the studio..

Over the past couple of days I have been in the recording studio cutting some tracks for a recording project of Edward Kelly's. My friends Seb and Lauren are contributing parts.

Tracks recorded are: Broken Piano, Nesting and Tragic.

By weeks end I will hopefully have something mixed down for you to listen to, though I expect my perfectionism to come to fore and as a result you might not actually hear anything for a month or so. We'll wait and see.

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