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September 26, 2008

Day 12: The sights and sounds of Weimar town

Today was casual. Slept in through a very sunny (slightly warm) morning then went roaming about in search quick sustenance before heading down to the viaduct to make some recordings on my mini disc. I'm very pleased that I've found a location on my travels that I want to spend time working with - exploring the environment, finding its focal points, exciting its resonances. When you look all the way to the top of the viaduct arch (about 100m), there is this drain hole where rainwater drips down to the ground. The slightest breeze causes the drips to swirl in the air on their way down, striking leaves and the concrete steps on one side of the arch. The slapping sound of drops hitting the leaves and steps is immediately perceivable, but listening closer you can hear the reverberations of the sound inside the viaduct - a very subtle colouration, a residual quality. I made some recordings specific to this sonic event. I spent the afternoon listening to them closely, where the reverberations (due to the close proximity of the microphone) are more instantly perceivable.

In the evening Lauren and I searched out a restaurant and a place for a drink. In the Theatre platz there was a fashion event taking place showcasing Weimar's department stores. Complete with fairground rides, bratwurst/beer/hot wine stalls and a power permed MC straight out of 1988 it was a distinctly Euro-trashy spectacle. It was a great deal of fun though! About half of the fashion was terrible, the song content was Eurovision meshed with American Idol and the sight of the 50-ish female MC singing Tina Turner's "Simply The Best" with leg kicks (in leather pants!) was something that will stick in my memory for a while. We watched a finale of very colourful and loud fireworks from our hostel window.

What an interesting day it was.

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