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July 20, 2006

[20.7.06] Tyndall Assembly Concert 7

Tyndall Assembly concert 7 took place last night at the Delacatessen Gallery last night, it was a good casual affair. Two works were performed, my Translations #2 for acoustic guitar and sine waves and an improvised performance based on Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies. My piece (an extentions of an earlier version) used sine waves to resonate the guitar's strings, employing addtional effects such as feedback and treatments. The Oblique Strategies are a set of cards developed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt in 1975, designed to help to artist in compositional and performance processes. Each of the cards contains instructions such as 'honor thy error as a hidden intention', 'be dirty' and 'what is missing?'. The improvised performance included all members of the audience who were given two cards each to use. Prior to the performance each audience member selected from a range of objects including Ukulele, harmonica, bottles, bowls, mugs, glasses and sheet metal. The performance was made up of four movements - the first was spontaneous, where the audience could play as they wished, for the second movement the audience would refer to their first card and play as it instructed. The third movement involved the second card, whilst the fourth movement was an attempted recapitulation of the first movement. The main objective of this piece for each audience member to deliberatly and intuitively shift in dynamic, altering their playing technique throughout the performance. It was a lot of fun with some wonderful, if not chaotic results. I'll post more on this performance process at a later date. Unfortunatly there are no photos from the performance as were all too engrossed in our playing and no-one was available to take pictures. But here are some others anyway:

Prior to the concert Adam Page offered a selection of tasty buns.

Some of the objects used for the Oblique Strategies performance.

Some of the crowd for the concert.

Performing my Translations #2 work.

The next Tyndall Assembly concert is Thursday next week (27-7), starting 8pm featuring new works by Derek Pascoe and Andrew Georg. Hope to see you there.


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Anonymous said...

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