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May 06, 2006

[6.5.06] live music

Thursday and Friday night were taken up with attendances at a couple of concerts.

Thursday's gig - The Whitlams at the Governor Hindmarsh was a little birthday present for my girlfriend Edith. A big fan myself, it was a good solid set from the boys as well as a lovely atmosphere amongst the sell-out crowd. The opening band (The Live Room) was quite impressive, a kind of anthemic U2/Celtic sort of sound, we found out over the course of their set that the lead singer is shagging the violinist. ;)

Friday, and Edie and I were off to Fowlers Live to catch the CD launch for Mr.Wednesday. We'd both had a long tiresome day and by the time the band appeared at around 11pm, we were absolutely exhausted. We managed to stay for 2/3 of the set, and what I heard was very good, albeit repeating itself a little bit towards the end of our stay. It reminded me an awful lot of Sigur Ros and Mum - those Icelandic bands with a heavy emphaisis on moods and atmospherics. Most of the songs were underpinned with soft keyboard textures, treated drumming, echoing guitar and sunken bass. The vocalist had an intriguing presence - situated up the back on a rise next to a small string ensemble who played on a few of the songs. No disservice to the band as a whole, but the most striking element for me were the visuals projected onto a screen behind the band. There were some lovely moments of interplay between the band and the projection. Major higlight though was the near-subsonic frequency pulse that appeared every now and again nearly making my eyes water.

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