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May 03, 2006

[3.5.06] OHM+

Finally it has come - after 3 months of waiting...

I went into Big Star down Rundle this afternoon in vain hope that my order was making it's sluggish way across from the US, only to find it had arrived a month ago!

Yes, I am now the owner of the 3 CD complilation OHM+ : the early gurus of electronic music 1948-1980.

To the staff's amusement, I jumped up and down hysterically when I saw that it was THE special edition containing a 2 hour DVD of performances and interviews, including such luminaries as Clara Rockmore, Steve Reich, Robert Ashley, Laurie Spiegel and (my main man) Alvin Lucier.

I've only just started listening to the music on the first disc and it is just wonderful. There is a work by Olivier Messiaen (Oraison) for Ondes Martenot which I just can't describe at the moment - I'm sure I'll post something about this beautiful composition very soon.

The presentation of this compilation is outstanding, a project of absolute love and commitment by the producers Thomas Zeigler and Jason Gross.

Though I've had a very preliminary and limited listen so far, I cannot recommend this collection enough and I will be urging the music library to purchase this, as every technology inclined and curious student should hear these works presented in such an accesible format. I think as I become more consumed in this album I will be all the more enthusiastic about it and letting people know.


This is good - for the last couple of weeks I've been in a bit of a rut (Tyndall concerts aside), and this seems to have given me the kick of motivation I've needed.

Now where are my books?

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